Prof. Breandán Kennedy


Project Management

ORBITAL: Member of Supervisory Board; Lead on Communication and Public Engagement Sub-Committee

Principal Investigator’ 2013-present: Marie Curie Fellow & Co-Ordinator of IAPP 3D-NET Industry-Academia Consortium. 2011-2015, UCD. Head of Pharmacology.2007-present; UCD: Senior Lecturer in School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Sciences.2003-present: Director of Ocular Pharmacology & Genetics Research Group, UCD. 2003-present: Director of UCD Zebrafish Facility. 2003-present: UCD Conway Institute Fellow. 2003-2007; UCD: College Lecturer in School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Sciences. ‘Postdoctoral Fellow’ 2000-2003: UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, USA: Senior fellow in Prof. James Hurley’s lab. Projects analysed eye development using mutant zebrafish and investigated cone photoreceptor function using transgenic zebrafish. 1999-2000, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, INDIANA, USA: Postdoctoral fellow in Prof. David Hyde’s lab. Projects include characterization of promoters directing rod photoreceptor-specific expression in transgenic zebrafish. ‘Graduate Student’1994-1998, W. ALTON JONES CELL SCIENCE CENTER, NEW YORK, USA: Ph.D. thesis research under supervision of Dr. John Crabb. Studies investigated the regulation of CRALBP transcription, targeted disruption of the mouse CRALBP gene, and identification and analysis of a mutation in CRALBP segregating with retinitis pigmentosa. Research Links: SBBS Research | Mechanisms of Disease Research in SBBS | Model Organisms Research in SBBS | 3D-NET Consortium

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