Marco Brugnera

Project 12

Early Stage Researchers

I am Marco Brugnera. I am a 24 years-old, determinated, passionate, creative, curious and committed person. I got my Master Degree in Pharmacy at Università degli Studi di Padova, in Italy. During this pathway, I developed a growing interest in Pharmaceutical Technology and Analytical Chemistry. I went into the world of scientific research in particular in my last year, in which I carried out my experimental thesis at the University of Hertfordshire. This experience allowed me to gain excellent skills on analytical techniques, to learn how to seek original and effective solutions for any problem, to share information and resources with colleagues, to develop an analytical thinking and to be open to new ideas and approaches. Once I graduated, I was very undecided on which path could be the right one to take.

A classmate of mine and a professor from my University spoke to me and proposed to consider a doctorate, in particular with this network at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Right away, I thought this was “the train that passes once in a lifetime” and that it was something to really believe in. For the next few years I expect to be able to contribute to the cause of ORBITAL-MSCA-ITN, convince them they are putting their trust in the right element. I expect to grow as a researcher and as a person, to carry out an innovative high-level job and at the same time to acquire skills and knowledge that may allow me
to become a reference point for science and health.


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