Tess Ames


Project Management

ORBITAL: Project Manager

Her background experience is in Project Management, Event Management, and Team/Student Engagement. Tess brings experience from both industry and higher education. She previously worked for the University of Washington (Seattle) as the Associate Director and Outreach Coordinator of the Center for West European Studies and EU Center, managing the execution of the Title VI Federal Grant from the US Department of Education and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, the Jean Monnet Chair, and the Jean Monnet Projects Grants from the EACEA in the European Commission, a part of the Erasmus+ Programme. She also co-supervised the Jean Monnet Network Grant, led by the EU Center at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Tess moved to Ireland permanently in 2017. She is deeply passionate about student success and development, and is excited to work on a project that supports Early Stage Researchers in developing themselves toward career-readiness through innovative approaches to learning and research.

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